Saturday, February 28, 2009

Button Thursday: Covered Button

Vintage Fabric Button, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

File under Better Late Than Never.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tiny Drawings of Mark Poulin

Illustrator Mark Poulin's sketches are little bits of happiness in the form of silver jewelry.

Enamel necklaces. .75" tall by .5" wide. $32 each

We've just received our first shipment of his charming pieces and we're in love.

Silver charm necklaces. $22 each

Orbit Girl up there is next to a dime to show the small scale of these pendants.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Superstar Earrings

These earrings are small and bright, with sterling silver earwires. I've just finished up a bunch in all different colors. $24 pair.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fabric Tuesday: Hippo Print

Click on image to enlarge.

This is my new favorite print. I particularly love the hippo booties with their adorable little tails.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Lolas, One Ribbon

Our ribbons can look completely different depending on how they are combined with accent colors. This green and cream is a perfect case in point.

Top photo, sunflower faux leather. Above, glossy espresso.

(Edited to say: I've now posted this clutch for sale in our web store here.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ashley's Trendwatch: Bows

Tie a Knot In It: Bows are Back

If you think the only place for a bow was those Easter shoes you wore in kindergarten, it’s time to change your mind. In recent years bows have come back in a big way, and not only in the kids' department. Sophisticated or sweet, bows have been cropping up in new shapes and in surprising places.

At Laura Bee, we love to give vintage baubles new life. Looking at this fifties-era button in our collection, I'm reminded of a modern pair of stud earrings nestled on the Laura Bee shelves:

Bow button, circa 1950's

Classic Hardware stud earrings. Available in our store for $17.

And it's not just Laura Bee Designs - Bows large and small have popped up everywhere:

Photo courtesy of

Shoe by Valentino. Photo courtesy of

And of course, some designers have taken the theme over the top:

Photo courtesy of

Over the course of the last year, a bow in deconstructed form has cropped up everywhere by way of the voluminous scarf. Long rectangular pashminas, like the one below, can be looped or tied, while square scarves can be wrapped or folded in half to hang rakishly.

Pashmina by Baked Beads. Available in our store for $24.

Photo courtesy of

So even if you're not feeling like the girliest of girls, you can still rock a bow in a variety of ways that
won't feel like a first-grade throwback. Tie one on!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing: The Lola Clutch

Clean and simple, the Lola is a roomy clutch that's designed to hold your essentials. Cell phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, and sunglasses will all fit in this beauty. (She measures 5" tall by 11" wide.)
(Edited to say: I've now posted this clutch for sale in our web store here.)

This detail shot shows the optional Quad Pockets, which will help keep you organized. Each of the four slots can hold cash, credit cards, pocket mirror, or even your iPod Nano.

Each Lola showcases a beautiful ribbon detail and one-of-a-kind button embellishment.

Lola also has a comfortable strap, which can be quickly detached for secure stowing in your large tote bag. Lola is $62 with the Quad Pockets, and $52 without.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Button Thursday: Black Plastic on Card

La Mode Button Set, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introducing: The Dorothy Bag

I made this first Dorothy out of the crazy sparkle royal Naugahyde, but the shape would be equally lovely with a sophisticated palette. The Dorothy is a medium-sized tote with soft darts for corners, and ribbon trim.

The bag has a secure inset zipper closure. For those of you who have wanted a simple laptop bag, this is it! Measuring 16" wide by 12" tall, I sized the bag to fit smaller models such as the 14" Mac Powerbook. Includes interior zipper pocket, zipper closure, rivet details, and faux leather zipper pull. $112.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Surf's Up

Otis will make anything into a chin rest.

I find so much inspiration from blogs and other places on the internet. I thought I'd share some of my recent favorite sites.

Many of my bookmarked websites feature interesting women who have figured out how to share their passions online.

Check out Makeup Geek for terrific cosmetics tutorials. Inspired by Marlena's easy-to-follow instructions, I've explored the wide world of eye shadow for the first time. She elevates makeup to an art form, yet makes it approachable for newbies like me.

Have you seen any of the zillions of wardrobe remix blogs? Passionate thrift shoppers love sharing their finds. The internet allows these adventurous fashionistas to share entire outfits with fans across the globe.

I find the the artistic, DIY approach of these cheeky sites much more inspiring than the expensive gloss of a magazine. Here are some sites I have bookmarked: Some Girls Wander, Painfully Hip, Keiko Lynn.

If you're a crafty type, you might already know about CraftSanity. Journalist Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood interviews crafty entrepreneurs, designers, and authors on her blog. You can upload these podcasts to you MP3 player and get creative inspiration on the go.

Speaking of the web, I've been experimenting with social networking media. You can now find us on our very own LBD Facebook page here. Check out the fan photos our customers have uploaded here.

You may have noticed the status update that I've posted on the right hand side of this blog. That's a feed from our new(ish) Twitter account. If you are into Tweeting, follow us here.

Have fun surfing the waves of the interweb. What are your favorite places to visit online?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Video: The Ramona Wallet

Edited to say: The Blogger version of the video above has poor sound quality. To view a nicer version of the same video click here.

I thought you might like to see what fits in our newest wallet creation, the Ramona. This version features a cute corduroy print with a button embellishment, but you can come in to custom design your own version.

$38 as shown with two interior card pockets, and one exterior zipper pocket. $5 to add wrist strap.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Button Thursday: Tiny Metallic Pyramids

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ashley's Trendwatch: Yellow

A Ray of Sunshine for a Gloomy Nation

Has it hit you yet? Spring is just around the corner, and the fever is hitting designers and trend forecasters alike. Leatrice Eisman, color-ista extraordinaire, gave ‘Mimosa Yellow’ the title of Color of the Year for 2009, and the fashion world has taken notice.

But yellow has its pitfalls. The most common complaint I hear is that it is difficult to find a shade that complements your particular skin tone. Rather than searching high and low for the perfectly flattering yellow sweater or dress, try working the color into your accessories.

Photo courtesy of

Treat yellow as the new khaki – A neutral that you can throw on and go.

Earrings by Lucy Blue. Available at our store for $18.

Work sunny tones into your jewelry. Natural stones offer a variety of pale yellow to nearly orange hues that can punch up any outfit.

Wendy Wallet by LBD. Available on our website and in our store. $24.

Find your yellow wallet faster in a dark bag.

LBD magnet, available at our store. $5.50.

Or perhaps most easily, use it in your home.

Photo courtesy of

Yellow is the color of the smiley face. It’s the center of a daisy or the filtering light on an autumn evening. It should add a smile and a touch of whimsy wherever you bring it in to your life. Now go bloom!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fabric Tuesday: Sueded Paisley Silk

This fabric has shades of orange and olive. The unexpected punches of teal and fuchsia make the paisley exotic and interesting. A fluid, luxurious material, this repurposed silk came from the most unexpected of places.

I harvested the print from a pair elastic-waist shorts. I think the material will be much prettier as a Ruched Luxe Clutch. What do you think?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Luscious

I thought you might enjoy seeing some more eye candy from Portland's Luscious. These golden birds are lightweight, yet substantial, each measuring about 1.5" wide.

This trio of birds necklace makes a bold statement. ($28) We also have a version with a single bird for those who like things simple. ($21)

These gold filigree rounds are petite and pretty, measuring .75" in diameter. Also available in antique silvertone. $16 pair.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Introducing: Jewelry by Luscious

This romantic necklace reminds me of a vintage button. The disk measures 1.5" wide and hangs on a beautiful chain. A perfect Valentine's Day gift. $28.

These filigree earrings are small (.75" diameter) and lightweight. With leverback earwires, this pair is comfortable and pretty. Available in both antiqued silvertone and goldtone. $16 pair.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sometimes You Need to Get Outside

otis_letsgo, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

When you've been working hard, and the sun is shining.

otis_wannarun, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

You need to get out there in the grass.

otis_borntorun, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

And run like the wind.

otis_leashmeup, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Then it's time to go back to the office, and back to business.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fabric Tuesday: Brown & Black Tile

If you wear both brown and black, it can be tricky to find an every day bag that matches both neutrals. One solution is to choose a fabric that features both colors.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Another "Michellow" Clutch

Clutch for Michelle, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Here's a photograph of the Luxe Clutch I mentioned in the post below. You can see a close-up of the crystal button here.