Friday, February 20, 2009

Introducing: The Lola Clutch

Clean and simple, the Lola is a roomy clutch that's designed to hold your essentials. Cell phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, and sunglasses will all fit in this beauty. (She measures 5" tall by 11" wide.)
(Edited to say: I've now posted this clutch for sale in our web store here.)

This detail shot shows the optional Quad Pockets, which will help keep you organized. Each of the four slots can hold cash, credit cards, pocket mirror, or even your iPod Nano.

Each Lola showcases a beautiful ribbon detail and one-of-a-kind button embellishment.

Lola also has a comfortable strap, which can be quickly detached for secure stowing in your large tote bag. Lola is $62 with the Quad Pockets, and $52 without.


Sandi said...

I LOVE THAT RIBBON! Soooo cute! The orange bag is absolutely lovely and the black & white (cream?) one would go perfectly with a new sundress I got for wearing to weddings. You're killing me here, Laura!

Great work! All hail Lola!

Laura Bee said...

Thanks Sandi. The flowers are indeed a pretty cream tone that is a little warmer and softer than true white.

P-Money said...

the orange one reminds me of a creamsicle - soooo yummy