Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scanning Textiles

vintage_embroidery, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.
Here's an idea: Scan a fabric or textile that you like. You can get some wonderful textures and dreamy images this way.

This is a vintage organdy embroidery I found in my stash recently.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Otis the Shop Dog Poses & Meets Famous Puglet

It's no secret that Otis the shop dog digs having his picture taken. I swear I lift my Canon and he starts to pose.
So when I learned from my favorite blogging pug that his photographer human was coming to Seattle as part of her 1000 pugs tour, I signed Mr. Otis Bee right up. otis_emp3
We made our way down to the EMP at Seattle Center and waited with the other pugs. At 11:40 it was Otis' turn to play America's Next Top model. otis_emp2
He did a great job, and I was a proud Momma. Amanda, the photographer, was super nice and Otis was fond of her magical treat bag.

We were Amanda's last appointment before her lunch break, and she told me that the famous Puglet and his Dalmatian brother Dutch were hanging out nearby in her car. "Would you like to meet them?" she asked. I couldn't believe it! I was so thrilled, I think I acted like a crazy person.
That's me with Dutch and Puglet, who is such a supermodel he's even posing for Jeff's Droid. puglet_supermodel
For those of you who don't know, Puglet is quite famous for his modeling abilities. You can see some of his best work here and here. He treated Otis to a master class at the EMP building. (I wonder what Frank Gehry would think.) Amanda let Puglet off-leash and he scaled the wall and found a pose.
The dogs were BFFs by the end of the time together. Notice Otis (left) and Puglet (middle) in sync. puglet+otis
Thanks Amanda, Puglet, and sweet Dutch for a wonderful day. I can't wait until the book is published.

PS - 1000 Pugs is donating 20% off the sitting fees to the local pug rescue in each area she visits. That means Seattle Pug Rescue benefited from our antics yesterday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Instagram Earrings

Earrings are always top sellers, so we stock new styles every week. Yesterday enamel teardrops debuted. $18/pr
These brushed silver trefoil earrings are lightweight and unique. The long kidney style of ear wire is my personal favorite for its comfort and security. $21/pr

If you're an Instagram user, follow me at LauraBeeSeattle.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crafty + Vintage Sidewalk Sale

Saturday, June 23 from 10-5 pm

Sunday, June 24 from 11am - 4 pm

New merchandise each day!

It's time to clear out our stash of craft supplies! Join us for our annual sidewalk sale.

THE PROBLEM: After nearly 10 years in the same location, I've accumulated too much crafty stuff that I don't have the time to use. I've run out of space for new fabric and supplies that are coming in every day!

THE SOLUTION: Sell our overstock of fabric, ribbons, beads, baubles, glitter, decorative paper, craft books, gift wrap supplies and more via a sidewalk sale!

We'll have cool stuff for the crafter in you! This year we'll also have vintage treasures to peruse. All at great prices.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. Check out the Facebook invite here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Our Mini Wallet Solves Gift-Giving Dilemma

We often hear from wistful customers who complain that all their gift recipient wants is money or a gift card to iTunes, the Gap, etc.
Just because you're giving a rather generic gift to a graduate, teacher, or friend, doesn't mean the gift needs to be boring. We suggest gussying up said card in one of our ever-popular mini wallets.
We've making and selling these little guys for many years now and they remain incredibly popular to give and receive. With lots of color combinations to choose from online and in our shop, and a friendly price of $14 each, we have a wallet for everyone on your list. Even guys swear by the compact design for their credit cards and a few bills.

Some gift ideas:
  • For the college grad: She'll put her new business cards in the wallet once.
  • For the high school grad: She'll love tucking her new college ID inside.
  • For the 21 year old: Driver's license and happy hour please!
  • For the elementary school grad: Library card, school ID + allowance.
With all of these graduations, don't forget the teachers! Restaurant or coffee shop gift cards are perfect inside of our mini wallets.