Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ashley's Trendwatch: Bows

Tie a Knot In It: Bows are Back

If you think the only place for a bow was those Easter shoes you wore in kindergarten, it’s time to change your mind. In recent years bows have come back in a big way, and not only in the kids' department. Sophisticated or sweet, bows have been cropping up in new shapes and in surprising places.

At Laura Bee, we love to give vintage baubles new life. Looking at this fifties-era button in our collection, I'm reminded of a modern pair of stud earrings nestled on the Laura Bee shelves:

Bow button, circa 1950's

Classic Hardware stud earrings. Available in our store for $17.

And it's not just Laura Bee Designs - Bows large and small have popped up everywhere:

Photo courtesy of

Shoe by Valentino. Photo courtesy of

And of course, some designers have taken the theme over the top:

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Over the course of the last year, a bow in deconstructed form has cropped up everywhere by way of the voluminous scarf. Long rectangular pashminas, like the one below, can be looped or tied, while square scarves can be wrapped or folded in half to hang rakishly.

Pashmina by Baked Beads. Available in our store for $24.

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So even if you're not feeling like the girliest of girls, you can still rock a bow in a variety of ways that
won't feel like a first-grade throwback. Tie one on!

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