Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ashley's Trendwatch: Yellow

A Ray of Sunshine for a Gloomy Nation

Has it hit you yet? Spring is just around the corner, and the fever is hitting designers and trend forecasters alike. Leatrice Eisman, color-ista extraordinaire, gave ‘Mimosa Yellow’ the title of Color of the Year for 2009, and the fashion world has taken notice.

But yellow has its pitfalls. The most common complaint I hear is that it is difficult to find a shade that complements your particular skin tone. Rather than searching high and low for the perfectly flattering yellow sweater or dress, try working the color into your accessories.

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Treat yellow as the new khaki – A neutral that you can throw on and go.

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Work sunny tones into your jewelry. Natural stones offer a variety of pale yellow to nearly orange hues that can punch up any outfit.

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Find your yellow wallet faster in a dark bag.

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Or perhaps most easily, use it in your home.

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Yellow is the color of the smiley face. It’s the center of a daisy or the filtering light on an autumn evening. It should add a smile and a touch of whimsy wherever you bring it in to your life. Now go bloom!


Laura Bee said...

Ashley, you did an excellent job with this article. I love the idea of using yellow as a neutral - the "new khaki" = genius!

Sandi said...

Great job, Ashley. I'm one of those girls who doesn't look so great in most shades of yellow. I learned a long time ago there's no reason I can't wear less flattering colors on the bottom or use them in accessories... great advice!