Monday, February 16, 2009

Surf's Up

Otis will make anything into a chin rest.

I find so much inspiration from blogs and other places on the internet. I thought I'd share some of my recent favorite sites.

Many of my bookmarked websites feature interesting women who have figured out how to share their passions online.

Check out Makeup Geek for terrific cosmetics tutorials. Inspired by Marlena's easy-to-follow instructions, I've explored the wide world of eye shadow for the first time. She elevates makeup to an art form, yet makes it approachable for newbies like me.

Have you seen any of the zillions of wardrobe remix blogs? Passionate thrift shoppers love sharing their finds. The internet allows these adventurous fashionistas to share entire outfits with fans across the globe.

I find the the artistic, DIY approach of these cheeky sites much more inspiring than the expensive gloss of a magazine. Here are some sites I have bookmarked: Some Girls Wander, Painfully Hip, Keiko Lynn.

If you're a crafty type, you might already know about CraftSanity. Journalist Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood interviews crafty entrepreneurs, designers, and authors on her blog. You can upload these podcasts to you MP3 player and get creative inspiration on the go.

Speaking of the web, I've been experimenting with social networking media. You can now find us on our very own LBD Facebook page here. Check out the fan photos our customers have uploaded here.

You may have noticed the status update that I've posted on the right hand side of this blog. That's a feed from our new(ish) Twitter account. If you are into Tweeting, follow us here.

Have fun surfing the waves of the interweb. What are your favorite places to visit online?

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Anonymous said...

That Otis--he is so theatrical--as long as he doesn't have to work hard at it. Maybe he should have a cat buddy to lie in the sun and lean on things together. SDB