Friday, January 30, 2009

Michelle Obama Yellow

Michelle Obama's lemongrass suit by Isabel Toledo is bound to become a fashion milestone for 2009. Like Jackie's stylish suits and Nancy's signature red, this outfit will remain famous, as will the unique, optimistic color.

Edith for Michelle, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Here's a purse that I made as a tribute to our new First Lady's fashion. I paired a gorgeous vintage yellow velveteen with a luscious green silk that reminds me of Michelle's gloves and shoes.

Of course the inspiration outfit showcases a rhinestone neckpiece, so I completed the purse with this beautiful, cushion-shaped button.

Ms. Obama has said that helping military families will be her priority while she is first lady. In that spirit, I will donate 50% of the sale price of this bag and a similar luxe clutch to a charity that benefits the children of military personnel.

The National Military Family Association (NMFA) is highly rated by Charity Navigator. Here is an excerpt from their website,

"Your donation will help NMFA ease challenges faced by military kids. We work to ensure they have easier transitions between schools when they move, their credits are valid when they switch schools, and that their teachers and other adults understand what they may be experiencing inside -- particularly during times of war."

If you're interested in this Edith bag ($65) or the Luxe Clutch ($48) send me an email at info(at) and I'll get in touch with you.


suzybuzz said...

wow, i love that fabric! and good for you for donating! i assume you're adding this to your FB "page" as well?

pjco said...

MB is great inspiration.

I'm in love with the button, specifically as it adorns this handbag. You chose all these elements perfectly, Laura!

pjco said...

Okay, going too fast. I realized my error right after I shut down last night. I meant "MO" but the two (MB) are also inspiring, wouldn't you say??