Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fundraiser for Washington Wildfire

Image courtesy of KPLU

Our Washington State neighbors are suffering through a tragic wildfire. We are sending our love to all affected, human and animals. Livestock and companion animals have been displaced, lost, and hurt. You can read the news here.

This dog was reunited with its owner after being found wandering and singed. 
Image courtesy of King 5. Article here.

When tragedy strikes it's easy to feel helpless. My way of coping with these thoughts is to figure out what I can do, in some small way, to contribute to the aid efforts.
I recently made this Travel Bag for our sales floor. It caught my eye this morning as I was thinking about all of the suffering animals and their caregivers. I would like to offer it for sale, and will donate $58 to the efforts to help the animals displaced by the Taylor Wildfire. Right now I have one made up and ready to ship, but will happily make more if there is demand.

This bag will be for sale through this Sunday, August 19th so that we can collect and donate the funds quickly. To order, just click the link below.

If we ship this bag out of Washington State, we will credit back the sales tax charged by Paypal.
If you would like to pick up the bag in our store, we will credit back the shipping charge. Just make a note when you check out via Paypal.

Questions? Email me at orderdesk (at)

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