Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunny in Seattle

The whole earth was brimming sunshine that morning. She tripped along, the clear sky pouring liquid blue into her soul. 
- Theodore Dreiser, Sister Carrie

Summer windoe
One thing that can safely be said about Seattle residents: We surely appreciate the summer sun when it comes out. (Usually some time after the Fourth of July.)

Pug on a rock
I can't imagine that those living in warmer places like Florida or southern California can truly understand what it's like to have the sun hit your face after all of those damp months.
Last week, I was so happy about the sunny days that I treated myself to a new pair of white sunglasses. Then I designed a sleeve to protect said glasses.
Now I'm offering these cute cozies for sale in my shop or via email (soon on our website). $18-21 each.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that Theodore Dreiser was from Sullivan, Indiana, the birthplace of you father?