Thursday, October 27, 2011

Party Prep - Finding the Perfect Button

Edith with glass button
I delight in pairing a special vintage button with its perfect match in fabrics. The vintage teal and antique gold pleat on this Edith bag is just gorgeous with the glass topper, don't you think? (The bag is part of the Glam for Good collection we're creating for our upcoming party.)

Finishing Station
You can spot the Edith and a coordinating Luxe clutch in the lower left corner of this picture. This is a shot of Kim's work station at the end of a busy day of sewing on my part. Each order awaits Kim's expert finishing - rivets set, buttons stitched, straps applied. Each step is listed on the pink production slip.

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Paula O. said...

Perfect button match for the purse. It's quite lovely.