Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Days of Summer: Part III

We don't want to neglect our feline friends! Here's a photo pillow that I recently made for a customer to give as a birthday gift. The paprika suede complements the green of the background and the cat's eyes.

Customers often ask me for advice on what image color works best on our custom photo products. They wonder if they should use the color version of an image, or if they should elect to switch the image to black and white or sepia. This pillow is an example of a good use of a color image. The colors are central to the look of the image, and without the green, the cat would read as mostly mid-tone shades of gray.

I think that sepia and black and white are great options for pictures of people especially, because they eliminate the clutter of random clothing colors and keep the focus on the faces.

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