Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Latest Premium Faux Leathers

I'm excited to share our latest materials with you. I've been playing with these for a couple of weeks now, prepping samples and coming up with names. Some of you even helped with naming these via our Facebook page.

These faux leathers are buttery in texture and are softer and more pliable than our regular collection. You can swing by our shop to see them in person, and they can be incorporated into custom design right away.

Over the next week, I'll post pictures of bags made with the new collection here, and I'll also offer some new stuff in our web store. Stay tuned!

Vine is a complex green and brown metallic.
Macaroon is a delicious cream and gold confection.
Blueberry is matte blue with the yummy texture of its namesake.
Mushroom is a matte warm gray.

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