Monday, June 13, 2011

Pug Celebration this Weekend

A customer I hadn't seen in a while came in over the weekend. She told me that because of shop dog Otis, her family now has two pugs! Apparently, she and her husband met Otis years ago and loved him so much that they decided their family pets would be pugs too. The pug mom in me is proud.

Otis and I do some volunteer work on the side for our favorite animal-oriented not-for-profit, Seattle Pug Rescue. We love spreading the word about rescue animals in general and pugs in specific. Even if aren't a pug person, or if your dog isn't a rescue, you can still support rescues! Spread the word and tell your friends.

Please tell anyone you know who might be interested about Seattle Pug Rescue, their Facebook Page, and, most importantly, the big Pug Rescue party that's happening this weekend. You can download the flier here, and can get all of the info, including directions, here.
Much love from Otis the shop dog. Woof!

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