Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Fundraiser: We're Off to a Great Start

Cell phone snapshot of our buttons for sale along with the Buttons for Japan tag

Our Buttons for Japan fundraiser is a moving example of the magic of the internet. I posted the buttons on our website here at around 10 pm last night. Then I posted a link on our Facebook page. Orders came in almost immediately.

I shot over an email to the fine folks at our neighborhood blog, By the time I checked my email the next morning, the article had been posted. More orders came in through our website.

Meanwhile, Debbie opened our shop at 10 am and people who had seen our online announcement stopped by right away in search of the buttons. Some bought big batches of 40 or more to give to clients. Others bought 4 for $8 and talked with us about watching the news crying for the suffering in Japan.

The good news is we raised over $600 on day one of our fundraiser. The bad news is the situation continues and seems to be getting worse. I urge you to visit the excellent Mercy Corps website to read about the crisis and the work being done there. 

One blog entry talks about the charity bringing satellite phones for the displaced to call their loved ones to tell them they are alive. How simple; how huge.

Thank you for your support thus far. Whether you choose to buy buttons from us, or donate directly, your support, however large or small, is part of a greater good that will help many.

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