Friday, January 14, 2011

Ashley is Leaving the Hive

Since Ashley is a football fan, I'm going to use a sports metaphor to break the news.

Our Ashley has been called up to the big leagues of domestic manufacturing. Next month she's off to work at Boeing, after more than six and a half years at Laura Bee Designs. Instead of ordering zippers and  faux leather, she'll be purchasing airplane parts.

We're lucky to have her humor and expertise with us for a few more weeks; her last day is February 10th. Stay tuned for information on Farewell Ashley open house we'll host early next month.

Those of you who know our shop know what a key player Ashley has been in the evolution of the company since she started here in 2004. Not only is she a production and customer service rock star, but she also worked behind the scenes on systems, design, procurement, invoicing, and myriad other tasks that have helped us grow and improve.

The thing I will miss the most, however, is talking with and seeing Ashley every day. Whether analyzing Project Runway or sharing funny stories about random retail interactions, her constant presence has enriched my life immeasurably.

I know there are many Ashley fans out there who will miss her too. Please stop by the shop to congratulate her on the next phase of her life. Boeing is lucky to get her!

You can also keep up with her fashion and beauty advice by following her witty blog:


Anonymous said...

So happy for Ashley but so sad for you, Laura, and me.. b/c her crazy enthusiastic smiles and hellos and helpfulness and energy will be missed!Good luck, Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Ashley: Thanks for adding your expertise and good cheer to help Laura create her dream: her own shop with upbeat employees and happy customers. It is quite amusing that I, Laura's mother, often identified your voice incorrectly as Laura's. How many times did I say, "This is Mommy Bee," to you? Best of luck. At such a young age, you certainly made your mark. Sincerely, Laura's MOM

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck in the world!!! You will be very missed! Kamm

Emily said...

Wow, it won't be the same without Ashley! You will be missed! Good luck with your new job!!

The Eastside Girls

Paula O said...

It's been a pleasure, Ashley! Good luck. You will be missed by many, including me.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best, Ashley!!! I work on Feb. 5th, but will try my darndest to get to your farewell before 5pm. Thank you for everything! Laura is so smart and talented and has surrounded herself with the same. Don't ever lose your spark! oxox Pam