Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Post 1000: Santa Photo and Pink Tree

I bought this little folder over the summer because I love any Christmas decorations that are pink and retro. This Santa photo from 1966 has it all. First, the illustration on the folder is both pink and adorable. Plus, it's stained with (hot?) chocolate. I know many native Washingtonians are still grieving the loss of department store Frederick & Nelson.
This photo is a Christmas showpiece. Never mind the pink tree, the saddle shoes, the gloating older sister. The look on the little boy's face shows that scary Santa photos are timeless.

 What must Santa be thinking? (Feel free to write a caption in the comments.)

PS - Blogger tells me that this is my 1000th blog post! Thanks for reading my musings for the last five years. I'm looking forward to 1000 more!

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