Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Contest Prize: Lemon Applique Wristlet Set

In sorting my stash of baubles and ribbons recently, I found seven of these terrific oversize puffy lemon appliques.
Ashley made a batch of wristlets showcasing the luscious lemons and I chose this teal one as the prize for our current Facebook contest. I'm including a coordinating mini wallet that fits inside the wristlet.
This sunny set is perfect for packing up your essentials like cards and phone. Carry this baby on your wrist and head to Happy Hour to sip a Mojito, or your favorite summer beverage.

Enter our contest here. Just name your favorite summer drink in the comments and you're entered to win via random drawing. (It's great fun to read the yummy beverage ideas of others listed there too.)

Lemon wristlet - $30; Mini wallet - $14


laurie said...

This is SO cute! The texture of the lemon (and the color) really pop!

Kathleen said...

Sweet!...definitely not sour ;>