Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dahlias for Haiti Update - One Flower at a Time

As of today - February 3rd, we've sold 531 Dahlias to benefit Mercy Corps' Haiti relief efforts. We've sold about 220 in the store, and the rest online.

This volume has exceeded my wildest dreams! I thought our original goal of 200 would be a push. I want to thank all of those people who have helped with this project! I've hand sewn the flowers. However, much of the prep work cutting each petal (about 50 per flower) has been done on a volunteer basis by Debbie, Ashley, and my husband Jeff.

My sister in Boston has used her excellent PR skills to promote the project. She even landed this newspaper shout out! My mom in Rochester has sourced vintage buttons and been a cheerleader every day.

Thanks to each of you who have bought a dahlia. It's just amazing to see how $10 increments add up so quickly. We've raised $5300 so far, one flower at a time!

Click on each picture to see a larger, detailed version.

Here's a pile of about 150 dahlias that I made over the weekend. In that stack of fuzzy goodness, you can see $1500 for those in need in Haiti if you look really hard. Here are some videos from Mercy Corps that will remind you what this project is all about.

The Dahlias for Haiti project goes through February 14th, so there's still time to buy flowers for yourself or your friends. Visit our website to order, or stop by our shop. Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project to help others!Congratulations on your success, Roseanna