Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ashley's Trendwatch: Down the Rabbit Hole

'Alice' Inspired Fashion

With Tim Burton's rehash of Alice In Wonderland due to hit theaters in March, a tinge of whimsy has entered the realm of fashion. Color, punch, and a healthy dose of quirk make up the majority of the trend, with heavy use of luminous and ever-so-slightly off kilter shades of green, yellow, and red.
Photo Courtesy of E! Online

The film, with all-stars
like Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, promises to be a more twisted plot line than the animated gem we all know and love. However, the fantastical scenery and costuming evoke the same feelings of awe as those singing flowers and dancing dormouse did when we were young. Clothing designers like Sue Wong have embraced the idea: She will launch a line inspired by the movie later in the year.

Photo courtesy of TheDisneyBlog.com

In a slightly less blatant way, more affordable fashion lines have picked up on the trend as well:
Cardigan photo courtesy of Forever21.com. Dress photo courtesy of twelvebytwelve.com

A little ruffle in an unexpected place, a twist of slightly strange color on a neutral navy - Quirk is easily injected without being shocking. Accessories, as nearly always, may be the simplest way to inject a little Alice into your style. Check out these goodies here at Laura Bee that have Wonderland written all over them:

All available at Laura Bee Designs.
Left to Right: Lock Ring $14, Alaska Gadgetry Key Necklace $28, Luxe Clutch $48, Owl Watch Necklace $26, Rabbit Ring $16

But it's not all about color. You could also easily go the way of the White Queen with layer upon layer of texture, subtlety, and drama (Full disclosure: I may be a bit biased here - The dress is in my personal collection):

Dress: Maggie London. Anne Hathaway as The White Queen photo courtesy of E! Online

...Ready to go down the rabbit hole?


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