Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Fundraiser: Our Soda Pop Dahlias

I've been making these felt flower pins for a couple of weeks using some sweet little vintage buttons in my collection. The felt is made from 100% recycled soda bottles. Today I had a lightning bolt idea - why not sell them as a fundraiser to help those desperately in need in Haiti?

I shot off an email to the wonderful folks at Mercy Corps, a Portland relief non-profit. Can we partner up on this little project Yes, they wrote back, go for it.

So here we go! We are now offering these handmade Dahlias on our website for $12 each. We'll donate $10 for each flower sold to Mercy Corps' efforts in Haiti. We'll use the $2 left to ship the flowers to any US address, and to cover the credit card fees we incur.

I hoping you folks can help us reach our lofty goal of 200 flowers sold, made, and shipped by February 14th. That would be $2000 raised!

Order here.

PS - I'm making a big batch at home that I'll have in our Ballard store on Sunday. Otherwise, order online right away.

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