Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green Theme with Animals

After indulging in our pink and silver Christmas decor for over a month, I decided to mix it up and change the window to light green theme. I hung some little bird cages along with tissue paper puffs in the window. (I made these once before years ago here.)

Then I set about gathering products from the store that coordinated with the look. Sometimes displays just come together. The striped coin purse above looks adorable next to the International Arrivals notebook.

More stripes and texture keep the look light and winter white.

How about a bushy tailed squirrel on a green background?


Paula O said...

Do you have notecards with prints like the owl notebook?

Laura Bee said...

Sadly no, the owl is only available on the note book and on snazzy file folders.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your continuing creativity in the store--I would be so tired from all the holiday activity, I would be hibernating with that squirrel. The light green is so fresh--thoughts of spring already? SDB