Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ashley's Trendwatch: Anchors Aweigh!

A Nod to All Things Nautical

When you think of the word 'nautical', what comes to mind? Tacky gold? Shoulder-padded thigh-length navy blue blazers? Well, at the risk of striking fear into the hearts of all those who lived through the eighties: Nautical is back. Thankfully this time, the stripes don't have to be horizontal, the gold is sprinkled rather than saturated, and the blazers are decidedly more chic.

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When designers start releasing their resort wear in the gloom of January it's difficult to see the point of purchasing something you have to keep in a closet for months before wearing. Nautical wear easily transitions from winter to spring/summer. This allows more bang for your buck, and often includes staples you can use year round. This cardigan, for instance:
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Or these shoes and belt:

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Here at Laura Bee Designs, there are several ways to pay a little tribute to the sea. Include a nautical button on a handbag or clutch, add a striped ribbon to a wallet, or pick up a lucky sparrow necklace or schooner money clip to accent your look.
Clockwise from top Right: Vintage buttons, Alaska Gadgetry Money Clip - $16,
Classic Hardware Sparrow Necklace - $37, vintage wooden button.

And not to leave anyone out, even Fido and Fluffy are able to get in on this look:
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The nautical trend isn't as scary as you remember, so don't be afraid to dive in - The water's fine.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh! That ship necklace is SO CUTE. I may just have to buy one. Great article, Ash! You rock.