Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashley's Trendwatch: Pajama-Rama

When the designer shows hit the runway during New York Fashion Week in February, there were lots of fresh prints and ethnic influence.

But... pajamas?
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Yes, pajamas as outerwear. Highlighted most prominently in the Dolce and Gabbana line, pajamas are apparently not just for home-based lounging anymore. The idea surfaced mostly in various menswear lines - At least this trend blogger hopes that the bra-and-robe set Naomi Campbell rocked down the D&G runway wasn't actually meant for your next cocktail party.

Starlet Jessica Alba was fashion-forward when she was photographed wearing this ensemble at a winter movie premiere:

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Unless you're a college freshman with a daily 8a.m. class, this is a seemingly impossible trend to bring into real life. But even the craziest of flash-in-the-pan ideas can be turned into something classic and sleek by using it as an accessory instead of a head to toe look.

Take these Lela Rose for Payless shoes for instance:
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Using the pajama-classic piping along the seams gives a refined twist to a hot pink shoe.

Tiny, feminine prints are also nod to being pajama-clad. This blouse from Heritage 1981 uses just such a print, as well as a button-down front, and delicate pin-tucks at the collar.
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Along with its loose fit and banded bottom, all the construction elements reflect a classic pair of pj's, while managing to look pulled-together trendy.

It's easy to bring all of these influences into a handbag - A few minutes of looking around Laura Bee brought me these inspirations:

A slinky striped silk to use on an evening clutch:
Or a nod to childhood with a funky Japanimation print on a Sophie bag:

Or, as with the above blouse, several of the same vintage button along a seam:
...Not seeming so crazy anymore? That's the idea.
Taking fashion off the runway and into real life is the portion of the design process where you get to use some creativity and put your own spin on things.

So maybe looking like you just rolled out of bed isn't such a bad thing after all... Just remember to run a comb through your hair.


Sandi said...

Wearing pajamas out of the house is nothing new here... I rarely get dressed before taking Asher to school : ) I guess the only difference between me and a runway model (or Jessica Alba) is no one (except maybe an errant neighbor) ever sees my early morning, fashion-forward style! (As for Asher, he just pulls his jeans on over his pjs... : )

daisymayrobin said...

Sandi, I hear what you're saying... but running your child to school is a different ballgame... I can't believe Jessica Alba showed up in that to a movie premiere!! That is pretty ridiculous. Those pink shoes, though? Super cute!

Thanks for the trend update Ashley - at least now I will have better framework when I see a woman at Ballard Market in her pajama set.

Paula O said...

I'm trying to picture my husband going out in one of those runway get-ups... Uh, not so sure I like that image. I'd rather imagine the dots and lines of that fabric you suggest on a handbag - love it!