Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As Promised...

As Laura mentioned last week, here I am to share my hot-pink woodgrain fabric creation.

Laura really inspired me with her design of the zipper coin purse, and I'd been dreaming of a ruched Veronica for some time. The Veronica is my favorite shape, and while we don't offer a ruched version as of yet, it's always fun to try something new and test it out.

The joy is in the details for me:

Because the Veronica shape has a zipper closure, the lining can become whatever brings a smile to your face when you unzip your bag. Mine is aqua, and I chose to add a secondary fabric shell to my interior zipper pocket:

I loved this nesting doll print from the moment Laura brought it in, but didn't want a black-based exterior for my summer bag. The hot pink tag is a remnant from days gone by - We change our tag color every 2,000 items. This one is from about 7,000 ago, and happened to be floating around my workstation, clearly waiting for me to design this bag!

I also added two cell phone pockets, one for my phone, and one for a Laura Bee Snap Coin Purse, which fits perfectly into the standard cell phone pocket size:

The question of capacity always arises when people are choosing their bag shape in the store. For me, the Veronica shape even works as a carry-on for air travel - My snacks, magazines, and ipod all fit snugly inside along with all of my regulars:

This bag may be a little crazy for some, but to me it is a neutral, happy, summertime carry-all that makes me smile every time I see it.


PandA said...

I love this bag, Ash! You are so talented and creative! You have definately found your calling!! :) I am absolutely gonna stop by the LB store the next time I'm up in the Seattle area... in fact, I might even have to bring in my own fabric and have you make me something. ;) Keep it up; your LB blog always makes me smile!

Laura Bee said...

I could see your wheels turning the moment that wood grain fabric came into the store.

Your ugly doll has a posh new purse to call home!

mmcmahon25 said...

AHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE that bag! It's so cute and adorable...very you. I sent some of my friends in NYC links to your website. Expect some orders verrryyyy soon. :)