Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Adams Elementary: Arts in Career Day

I spoke at Adams Elementary School this morning. This was my third visit to their annual Artist in Career Day, where creative professionals talk to groups of 8-10 year-olds about their work. I displayed bag samples, showed slides of the store and sewing process, and answered all kinds of hilarious questions.

Photo courtesy of Seattle City Schools.

From chefs to ballet dancers, each artist worked with a group of kids as they made a hands-on project. To demonstrate the fun of custom accessories, I brought my trusty pinback button maker and blank paper templates. The kids drew all sorts of things like South Park logos and turtle pictures using crayons and colored pencils. Then each child helped me as I turned the scraps of paper into buttons.

Aside from the pins, the most popular part of my talk was the impromptu handbag lining guessing game. I held up a bag sample, asked what color the kids thought the lining of the bag might be, and then unzipped the bag to reveal the bright color inside. The kids could not get enough of this game; each hand would shoot up quickly as I asked for guesses. Who knew?


suzybuzz said...

so great that you've done this three years in a row! what were some of the hilarious questions? i'm curious!

suzybuzz said...

it's true that people love those bright linings! i'm enjoying the hot pink inside the black and white glittery herringbone/suede combo.

Paula O said...

Thank you for doing this for kids in our city! I'm curious about their questions, too. Sounds tiring but fun.

Laura Bee said...

They always ask lots of questions about money - how much I make, how much things cost, etc. I find this strange. Also, they are fascinated by Otis and obsessively ask questions about him which cracks me up. The kids just tend to be very direct with me and with each other. It's quite the flashback to elementary school dynamics.