Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Orange You Glad I Made this Doris?

Here's a girl after my own heart. Our customer combined pumpkin microsuede and one of my favorite vintage fabrics to design this Doris. Here's a picture from her recent blog post about this bag.


Sandi said...

Ooooh nice!
I notice you've moved onto royal blue tags... a thousand products, in the...er...bag!

Kittykat said...

I love the post title! :-) And this is my absolute favorite bag so far. One question, though - do you guys sell the cleaner that you recommend to clean the microsuede or do you know where I could buy it? I don't need it yet, but want to plan ahead.

Laura Bee said...

Thanks Kittykat. Glad you are so happy with the bag.

Anyhow, the microsuede is an upholstery-weight fabric so you can use any gentle upholstery surface cleaner. I like Gonzo, which is a natural product (plus it has the same name as my favorite muppet). Here's a link with info: http://www.gonzocorp.com/gonzo/product/2324e991-113f-47ef-a797-d0d54235b0c1.aspx

I've bought Gonzo at JoAnn Fabrics and Fred Meyer. It comes in a little white bottle with a picture of a genie on it.

Laura Bee said...

Oh Sandi, Thanks for the comment. Actually it's two thousand per tag color, but who's counting? :-)

daisymayrobin said...

I love love love this bag! KittyKat always inspires me to want to go back in for more bags. I'm glad I already placed my new order over the weekend!

Kittykat said...

Daisymayrobin - you inspire me to get more bags, too! Can't wait to see your latest one after it is finished.

Laura - thanks for the info about the cleaner! I might try it out on my couch, too, b/c it is microsuede also.