Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Otis is a snapping turtle this year. Click on the image to view more pictures of him in costume.


suzybuzz said...

love it! how did you design it so he could walk? (more side pics, please!)it looks like it would be very comfortable as a built-in bed. sooo cute. i love the photo of Otis in the turtleneck, too; it reminds me of a James Dean postcard.

Laura Bee said...

Hey Sus,

I made the green turtleneck is the base of the costume. He looks so cute in it on its own that I took a few pictures of him sans shell.

The turtle shell is sort of like a domed pillow that attaches with straps around his body.

I need to shoot some video of him walking around in it to show the full effect. I did take some side view pics - I still need to edit them.

Anonymous said...

Good grief--this is so much more complicated than the simple orange and black striped t-shirt last year! Question--can a turtle say Boo!? Otis's Grandma

Sandi said...

Hilarious! I'm still trying to decide what he must be thinking here... "Oh no, Halloween again..." Or maybe *Big Otis Sigh* "Yeah... my mom's a talented seamstress... wanna make something of it?"