Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Micky Mouse Gumball Machine

I'm not sure if I received the gumball machine on my birthday, but I do remember loving it. That's Daisy, my first dog, begging for a morsel of food. The green coffee cup cracks me up. I didn't start consuming java until I was sixteen so perhaps the mug is just a funny photo prop!?! Mom, please comment on this.

Thanks to everyone who's emailed, called, or Facebooked (is that a verb yet?) with birthday well-wishes. It feels nice to be remembered, even if I do have to turn a year older.


suzybuzz said...

Facebook is definitely a verb! Love you! I totally remember that highchair next to the door to the basement...and Daisy, of course.

Anonymous said...

This picture was before your sister was born. You received the gumball machine for Christmas. The cup was a granite ware metal cup. It held milk, not coffee. The reason you used that cup is that if you dropped it, it wouldn't break, and the handle was easy for you to grasp. You loved to drop Cheerios from the chair tray to an eager Daisy the dog, who, fortunately was so active that we didn't worry about her waistline. Happy birthday, and Love, MOM--PS You still look the same.