Monday, September 15, 2008

My Mom's Interior Design

Children's Sculptures, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

These sweet little clay projects are on display in a special nook in a space designed by my mom for a client. The child who made the sculptures is all grown up, but the whimsical pieces will always remain young.

Greek Revival Nook, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Earlier this summer I visited my mom in Rochester, NY. We dropped by several of her interior design clients' homes so that I could take pictures of the spaces she's designed. I've never taken shots like these, so this project was a learning experience.

Vintage Mirror, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Some of my favorite images are shots like this picture of a mirror. I like small detail photos that show the colors and style of the room, but are also quietly mysterious.

Handmade Rug, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

My mom works with several craftspeople who have old world specialties. One of these vendors hand wove this custom rug for a Greek Revival house.

White Curtain, originally uploaded by Laura Bee Seattle.

Since I took all of the pictures using natural light, metering correctly was a real challenge for a novice like me. If I had the correct exposure for the windows, then everything else became dark. So for most of the pictures I overexposed the windows to get detail in the room.

This picture is one exception. I wanted to capture the creamy shadows of this curtain so I let the hallway fade to near black.

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Sandi said...

Good stuff, I really like the shot of the window seat. Very good balance!