Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Ballard Adventure

Intrepid photographer Sandi Heinrich just posted a great piece about our photography adventure through Ballard, USA. One of my favorite locations was Bop Street Records, site of the shot above.

I urge you to visit her site to read her witty narration and to view lots of the great pictures she took of Susannah, Laura Bee Bags, and even a few shots of me.


Sandi said...

Intrepid... ha! I love it. Never had that descriptor attached to me before but that's one I think I can own : )

Btw, I had a clerk at Paper Zone raving about my Sock Monkey wallet today, and a couple days ago a seamstress in a fabric shop described the work on my Chelsea bag as "exquisite!" Laura Bee rocks!

Sandi said...

And, I just realized that's actually a Beatrice bag in the first few pictures.. not a Chelsea! Woops! The rings threw me off, although I don't know why since MY Beatrice has rings too!