Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're in the Book

Last night I went to a party to celebrate the launch of the new Crave guide to Seattle.

I'm proud to say that Laura Bee Designs is one of the 100 women-owned businesses profiled in the book. At the party we ate Fran's Chocolates, sipped on Dry Soda, and talked shop.

I left with a couple of boxes of the Crave guide to sell here at the shop. The guide came out beautifully with lots of pictures and really interesting tidbits about local entrepreneurs.

Last night was also a special night because I met the graphic designer who did much of the layout on the book. Her name - Amanda Buzard - is amazing because it's quite rare.

In fact, Buzard my last name too but I've never met another woman with my name who is not a relative. Amanda and I bonded over childhood teasing, correct pronunciation, and pride in being different.


Anonymous said...

Amazing--what part of the country do Amanda's people come from? Does she know the country of origin? SDB

daisymayrobin said...

Great photo of YOU, Laura!! Congrats on the book inclusion. : )