Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crafty Kids

Photos by Beth Russo

When I was a little kid I was truly lucky to have several wonderful crafters in my life who taught me the joy of making things by hand. From creative babysitters (thanks Heidi!), to weaving teachers at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY I was taught by some wonderful people.

My grandmother and family friend Christine first sat me down in front of a sewing machine, and for that gift I am eternally grateful. I don't know who I'd be today without these formative experience in crafts.

My mother is a fine artist and I'm certain that she emphasized the creative arts in my life because she always found satisfaction and peace when holding a paint brush. Because of these influences, I'm always happy to see others teaching kids to explore making things.

Photos by Beth Russo

A couple of weeks ago Sarah Damianick (above in purple) emailed information about a free beading workshop she led in Ballard on August 9th. The picture above is from the event and I swear, you can see the excitement on those kids faces. The children were from First Place School, and Space to Create donated their studio for the class.

Thanks Sarah for giving these kids the chance to make something beautiful from scratch! Who knows where this experience will take them.

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get zapped said...

Thank you, for taking the time to honor Sarah and the hard work, dedication and heart she put into this wonderful workshop. My two nephews had so much fun and were proud of their work.

~Auntie Michelle

p.s. I love your work!