Monday, March 31, 2008

Where the Money Goes

It's a tough time right now. The election is uncertain, the economy is flailing, the news is not good. People are worried, frustrated, and tense.

In the midst of all this worry, I feel blessed every day when our loyal customers continue to come in the door. So I wanted to thank all of you who continue to shop at LBD. You have thousands of choices for where you can spend your hard-earned dollar each day. I don't take your choosing our store lightly.

I'm thankful too, to live in Seattle, where citizens tend to place exceptional value in shopping locally and supporting handmade work. They think about that essential question, "Where does my money go if I buy this?" And the follow-up questions..."Does my money go to workers who are paid ethically? Does it go to a small business that contributes to the community? Does my money support the values that I hold dear in my life."

Of course shopping is not charity work. The challenge for small businesses is to also provide something that the big boys cannot - to create a fun experience, personalized customer service, and, above all, great products.

I've decided to highlight some of my favorite lines here. Tony's Coffee is Organic and fair trade. Method cleaning products are natural and never tested on animals. I adore the foaming hand soap. I buy mine at Bartell's Drugs, which is the oldest family owned drugstore left in the US. Finally, Theo Chocolate, delicious Seattle-made organic, fair trade chocolate bars (which we are proud to offer in our shop).

So that's my two cents about thinking positively in the midst of all of the chaos and economic darkness that's out there. Most of us are feeling the pinch. Still,I like to think of searching for great products, both for the store, and for use in my daily life like a treasure hunt. It's fun to stumble upon something terrific, and to pay attention to where the money goes.

Thanks for letting me ramble today. Here are a few relevant items I've found lately: Blog entry on Craftivism and real value of the things we buy. Information on companies that do and don't test on animals.

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